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A Respectful And Dignified Approach To Solving Debt Problems

A Respectful And Dignified Approach To Solving Debt Problems

Friends Don’t Give Friends Bankruptcy Advice

I sometimes think I’m a doctor. I know I’m not one but I (often) can’t resist sharing a natural remedy with anyone who will listen willingly (and unwillingly). But the truth is that I never went to medical school. I also did not go through rotations and residency. I did not sit for boards. And, I certainly do not know your medical history. Giving medical advice without truly understanding how the pieces fit together can lead to bad results. Would you ever not to go the doctor when your arm is falling off but instead ask your friends what they think you should do about it? NO! You would go to the doctor to see how to fix it. You need a tourniquet but instead are asking around for a band-aid.

Why is your financial life any different?

When you ask your friend whether you should file bankruptcy, your friend says “No! Your credit will be ruined!”

1. Your friend doesn’t know that you have $65,000 in credit card debt
2. You friend doesn’t know that you are choosing credit card payments over food or necessary medication
3. You friend doesn’t know that your house is worth $80,000 but you owe $150,000
4. Your friend doesn’t know that you’re behind on your house
5. Your friend doesn’t know that the repo truck is stalking your car
6. Your friend doesn’t know that you are getting phone calls all day long from collection companies demanding payment

This situation is not sustainable. How long will you allow this stress to go on? Wouldn’t it make more sense to talk to someone who has the training and education to advise you of your options? Maybe bankruptcy isn’t right for you but if it is, wouldn’t you want to know that? Wouldn’t you want to end the hell sooner rather than later so you can move on with your life and sleep again?

PLEASE speak to a licensed bankruptcy attorney instead of your friends and family when you need advice on debt.

A better question to ask your friends is: Do you know of any good bankruptcy attorneys? And then set that appointment.

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