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A Respectful And Dignified Approach To Solving Debt Problems

A Respectful And Dignified Approach To Solving Debt Problems

What People Are Saying About Us

Thank you for everything you do – not just for us – but each of your clients.  I hope you realize how valuable your knowledge and compassion is to all of us. – Anonymous

“She’s very honest and easy to work with.  Anyone would love to have an attorney like her!” – Anonymous 

Athena was extremely helpful and understanding with all my needs. Always made me feel like she was helping me, not doing me a favor like so many other attorneys. I would recommend her to anyone! – Anonymous

Athena was extremely helpful. Was always there when I needed advice for anything. Would recommend Athena to anyone!! – Anonymous 

I’m so glad I took action and didn’t let this fester.  My life looks completely different today! –JM

I thought this would be painful but it wasn’t. – TS

I can’t thank you enough for your outstanding professionalism and first class customer service. Thank you!! – Anonymous 

Athena is always understanding, informative and upfront. – Anonymous 

Athena is easy to work with! – Anonymous 

Just a quick note to say thanks again for everything. I know it has been a while but I am already seeing the positive effects of my chapter 7. I bought a used car last October. I qualified for a super low interest rate and was even able to defer my payments for 60 days. I almost cried. Anyway, was thinking about you and thought I would share my happiness. – LG

I am so excited about this new beginning. For the first time in over 6 yrs I have zeroed out my electric bill and my Water bill. My phone has stopped ringing off the hook. I am also starting to sleep at night. My husband and I have also started smiling and joking again. It feels so good. – CP

Thank you so much for everything, Athena. I assure you that I would recommend you to anyone I know needing bankruptcy help. – JM

I trust you and appreciate everything you did for me. – TL

Wanted to let you know that I was able to refinance my car already and stay with the current finance company. They matched a rate I was offered with another company. Saves me 3k over the life of the loan. – CC

I will have reached my 2 year mark the end of this month and have repaired our credit successfully! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! – Anonymous 

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Thank you so very much for all the hard work, kindness, and compassion. I appreciate everything that you have managed to accomplish on my behalf.  You helped me make the unbearable an attainable goal – Anonymous

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